With the view of providing professional coaching to students for IIT-JEE /AIEEE and other Engineering Entrance Examination as well as making Board Examination their Left hand’s game, we initiated a Silent Revolution in Kharagpur, basically inspired by some IITians in 1993 by starting...

Career Oriented Coaching Institute (COCI)

This institute helped many students in realizing their Dreams for IIT and other Engineering Competitions. Later, in the New Millennium Year 2000, we renamed it as...

By developing analytical skills around fundamental concepts in Physics Chemistry and Mathematics, CAREER LAUNCH prepares for IIT-JEE/AIEEE/WBJEE and all other Competitions exclusively by IITians.

At our Kharagpur Centre, Exclusively by IITians only, we offer, One Year class room coaching for XII appearing & XII pass students, Two year class room coaching for class XI students. Simultaneous preparation for XIIth Board Examination.

In order to maintain quality and pay individual attention to every child, we never go beyond our capacity of only 40 students per batch. That’s one of the reasons for our 100% result and full student’s satisfaction.

Director's Message

Life is a long journey, where each one of us moves ahead conquering one milestone after another. The traveller moves on but the imprints remain embedded on the sands of time. We firmly believe that education is founding block for our healthy society and the education is the soul of a society which passes from one generation to another. We believe in empowering the dreams of students. A lot of parent are concerned regarding the future of their children due to current situation.

Alok Sharan

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